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"I write stories about people who do bad things and think they can get away with it. Boy, how wrong they are…"

Special Thanks


Several friends were added into “Legend’s Game” and it was a pleasure creating their characters. I do hope they enjoy their place between the pages of this book, and I thank them for being a part of it.

Special thanks go out to Mary Ellen O’Shields for her tirelessly working by my side with this book and the two before. That woman has nerves of steel having to deal with the writer in me, and she is a pure blessing.

Another special thank you goes to Brent Brown for the cover design for “Legend’s Game” and “Pieces of You” also. He is an amazing person with a great talent, and never failed to surprise me with his designs.

A special thank you go out to the parents of the real Memphis Kane. He was born while I was writing the manuscript for “Legend’s Game” and when I heard his name, I asked his dad if I could use it. He said, “As long as you make him a good man.”  I think I did just that.

So to you little Memphis Kane…A great name for a great character…

To The Memory of Three


Today’s post is about three special people that deserve to be remembered and cherished. When writing “Legend’s Game” it felt right to place these three within the pages of the story, and it was an honor to create the story around them.

I spoke to those who knew them, and loved them because I wanted to be able to get as much information as possible, and come as close as I could to making them spring to life from within the storyline. Even before they were written into the manuscript, I knew these three were deeply loved by many, and I wanted to make sure their characters reflected that.

So to you precious three…you touched the lives of your families and friends in so many different ways, and left them so much the richer for it…

Phil Penland

Ellen Jones

Barry Edmundson


IMG_1235 (2)

Today’s post is on “Maggie” from the series. This is the real life Maggie. Her human mother is Ginny (Whom I know loved her very much) and I thank her for allowing me to write Maggie into the pages of all three books. Sadly, Maggie passed away before the publication of the third book, but she was placed in the dedication page. This sweet girl will always be remembered, will always be missed, and I know will always be loved. To you Maggie girl…

Legend’s Game


Several local people were added into the storyline of “Legend’s Game” using their real names. I hope that those that have read it, have enjoyed it and for those that haven’t, I hope you get a chance to read and possibly see a friend of yours within the pages of this last book. It was a pleasure writing this one and adding people that I knew into the story. Again, I hope you get a chance to read!

Jake & Dean


For those that are avid followers of Jake & Dean, what would you like to see happen with the two detectives? What are your thoughts about the newest detective, Memphis Kane? Should the detectives travel more? Maybe move to another state? What about staying together as a team, or do they need to branch out on their own? Do you want to see more of Jake & Dean? Or do you have your own idea’s of what should happen with the partners? All comments are welcome.

The Long Road


When I started writing I knew it would be a long road, but it has been such an adventure. I have taken old friends with me and met new friends along the way. If you have a dream, don’t let go of it. Reach for those dreams of your own…It may be a long road…but it’s worth every step…

For The Love of Writing


If you’re going to write, tell a good story. If you’re going to tell a good story, be a great storyteller.

When I write, I want people to get into the story, right alongside with the characters. I want the reader to see the town, smell the flowers, and feel the rain against their cheeks. Feel the pain of loss and the pleasure of happiness. You have to keep the readers involved from beginning to end. If you don’t, they will shrug their shoulders, sigh, and lay the book aside to gather dust.

My characters, I know them as if they were my best friends. I know what they like and don’t like. I know what they look like on a good day, and how they look when they wake up in the morning, and roll out of bed. I know their moods, their feelings, and what makes them tick. You have to know your characters as well as you know your family and friends. You have to know where you want your story to go, and know your story as if you lived it.

The best advice I can give anyone looking to become a writer. You have to do it every day, and you have to love it. If you don’t, you’re pecking those keys for nothing. Live it, love it, and spin it. Be that great storyteller!

The Blue Ridge Bookfest was a wonderful day with wonderful people!

Jana MEO Another good OneJana MEO Hug Closeup (1)

I will be at the 2015 BlueRidge Bookfest April 25th with my newest book, “Legend’s Game”

Legend’s Game is now available at

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