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For a dear friend
Passing this along for a dear friend…

Jim was diagnosed with ALS on November 2016. This is more commonly known as Lou Gerhigs Disease. It is a progressively fast disease with a shockingly short life span. There are treatments that have halted the progression of the disease but they are expensive and unfortunately, they are not covered by insurance

The Soul


The soul wanders this earth in search of its meaning, and its reason for being here. But more than anything, it searches for the missing part of it. The missing piece that within these earthly bounds, will make it whole and complete…longing for the understanding, the acceptance, and love from its missing piece…its match, its other half.
It roams the mountains and valleys of life…endlessly searching for what it hungers for. For what will sustain it. For what will balance the breath of life in it.
If lucky enough to be found, life takes on a new meaning. The stars in the heavens are brighter, the moon is more luminous, and sunrises hold eternity.
But…if it is ever taken away, the soul mourns its loss, as it is exiled to drift aimlessly on a sea of grief. Endlessly reaching out towards the sunsets to touch the warmth of what once was…What is no more…What will never be again…

J.J. McGraw

Hope for Kim


From Kimberly Hopkins Repass :

“My sweet friend, Mary Reece, set up this GoFundMe page to help raise money for my trip to the Mayo Clinic, coming up after the first of the year. If you feel led to contribute financially, we are so very grateful for your support. We understand that not everyone is in a position to do so. We would also appreciate anyone who could help by sharing this link and by keeping us in your prayers. We are so thankful for everyone’s love, prayers and support for this fund so far. We are so blessed!”

So please donate, share, and get the word out for Kim!

Thank you!

J.J. McGraw

A Memorable Book Signing

mantooth-auto mantooth-jana bigladder jana-high01

One of the events we were invited to was the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association Convention, and Randolph Mantooth that played John Gage on the show “Emergency” was there. It was great to meet him and get a picture with him. My son and I even got the nerve to go up on the lift of the ladder fire truck. Yes, that is us from way up there, and no I didn’t pass out.

We enjoyed the three days we were there. Sold books, met some wonderful people, and saw some amazing things. That what’s great about book signings, the experiences you have and the memories you make. You never forget them.

The Mystery of the Hummingbird


Did you know that the hummingbird are one of the smallest birds there are? And are named for the humming sound created by the beating of their wings, as they hover in mid-air and feed upon nectar from a flower. A fascinating fact I found out about them is that their wings move in the same pattern as the infinity symbol, the figure eight.

In legends, a hummingbird is often portrayed as a healer or as a spirit being who helps people in need, and sometimes plays the important mythological role of fire-bringer. Seeing a hummingbird is a sign of good luck in many Native American tribes, especially Northwest Coast tribes. In ancient Mexico, hummingbirds were considered sacred and associated with royalty and warriors; the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, patron god of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, had the hummingbird as his divine animal and was sometimes depicted in hummingbird form in traditional Aztec art. In some Mexican tribes today, hummingbirds are believed to be messengers from the afterworld or manifestations of a dead person’s spirit. (


  Hummingbirds are my favorite and have been for a long time. They hold a special meaning to me that will forever remain close to my heart. I have always made sure that I have feeders out for them as soon as I know it is time for them to make their appearance every spring. When they do arrive, they bring with them a joy to my heart and each time I see them as they hover above the feeders and the flowers in my backyard, I can’t help but smile. Something this small, this delicate, brings such a feeling of peace and contentment to me and I am thankful for each year that passes that they return again and again.

I’m sure everyone is wondering what hummingbirds have to do with my books. It’s a mystery surrounding hummingbirds. The mystery? I decided that when I wrote each book, that I would insert the hummingbird…somewhere. It may have been added within the pages, or possibly on the front or back covers. I’m not telling. It’s your mystery to uncover.

They have been with me through each book, and now they are with those of you who own the books. A blessing in its own way to each of you.

This was something that most didn’t know about the books, and I hope that you can find them…solve the mystery. If by chance you do…I hope you let me know…

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Summer’s Kiss and a Murderer’s Touch


“Legend’s Game” was set in the late summer months of the year and the story involved Larsen and another bordering mountain town called Bryant. The days were still hot and humid, teasing the townships with a hint of a breeze, but nothing more. Then the afternoon storm clouds would roll in over the mountains, carrying a promise of a break from the heat of the day.

The fragrances of ginger lilies and magnolia’s mingled together and drifted through the air as the evening sunsets painted the skies a vibrant orange and red. The night sounds of crickets, cicadas, and tree frogs would come together in harmony as families sat out on their front porches and enjoyed a glass of fine southern tea.

All was fine within the unspoiled worlds of Larsen and Bryant, until murder and mayhem collided into them, and turned their towns upside down. A deadly game was set into motion that neither place would have imagined they would be pawns in.

The idea for the storyline came from the game of chess and was to be used by a highly intelligent, methodical killer. His moves and maneuver’s would pull all involved into cold-blooded deception, intrigue, and trickery. The one hope that either town had was a person that already knew of Legend, and had come the closest that anyone had, to capturing him. His name was Memphis Kane. A new detective that I created and introduced in this latest book.

I added some new surprises to certain characters in this book. Some twists that I hope have left readers with wanting more, and if you haven’t read “Legend’s Game” yet…I hope you will grab a copy and let it grab you!

Murder Served Cold


“Pieces of You” storyline was created around the winter months of the year and the holidays. Larsen was decorated in holiday cheer, with store shop windows adorned in festive lights, vibrant holly, and presents wrapped in gold and silver. A massive Christmas tree stood watch over the square. Its branches bearing a multitude of homemade decorations by the school children of Larsen, and atop it shined the brightest star during the winter nights. The heady fragrance of pine floating through the air, mixing with the crisp, clean smell of winter was intoxicating, and Larsen lay wrapped in white cocoon of powered snow. A sheltered haven, a hallmark moment in time…until the finger of death caressed the people of Larsen…at least certain chosen ones that is.

Even in small towns that appear as though they are the perfect setting for a Norman Rockwell painting can hold secrets of abuse and domestic violence. Larsen was no different and that was the way I wanted the story to unfold.

Many families suffer in silence as abuse runs rampant behind closed doors. Children are abused, husbands and wives are beaten, and elderly individuals are mistreated. Domestic violence is a vicious circle that many never escape. They stay and are abused over and over, or they lose their life. Either way has a bad ending.

So in developing this story, I wanted those that are hurt, those that are abused, and those that lost their life at the hands of another, to be avenged. Let me say right off the bat so that there isn’t any confusion, taking the law into one’s own hands is not the right thing to do, but in writing fiction you can create a world as you see fit. One where the monsters of the world pay for what they do to the innocent.

I hope that those that have read it, enjoyed it, and for those that haven’t, I hope that you will grab a copy, sit down with a cup of Joe, and enjoy karma as it unfolds.

In closing, “Pieces of You” was dedicated to all those that have been touched by domestic violence. Women, men, and children; to all who have lost their lives to it; and for the many more who are still trying to survive through it.


From the Imagination

11866310_1154171214598297_244559977369512528_n 10891948_846452038775603_3602028274146274194_n

When writing “Initial Kill” I created the quiet southern town of Larsen, tucked safely away in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A good quality town with deep historic roots. Its streets were lined with specialty shops, café’s, bakeries, an old fashioned diner that had stood strong through the years of progress, brick and mortar bookstores, a town square, and a few other homey touches that brought the town to vibrant life.

The time was spring and the air was mixed with the fragrances of honeysuckle, mimosa, and roses. Life was good, life was safe, and life was cherished in the town of Larsen.

I wanted to write, to create a place that I remembered growing up. One of good memories and special times that can never be replaced. I truly believe that when we are children, we rush through life, hurrying to grow up and go outward, then when we are there, when we have reached adulthood, we look back to the carefree days of our childhood years and long to return to them. To recapture things that were so full of meaning and depth. That to me, is one of the reasons I enjoy writing. To create a time, a place, that in its own way, remains frozen in time forever.

While I can’t open my mind to you and share the visions of Larsen, its beauty, or the people who live there, I can on occasion, share pictures that I have found, that come close to images I thought up, created, and splashed across the pages.

One in particular is a cabin. Now while I won’t tell you where this cabin is or how it fits into the story, I will say it plays a significant role. If you have read “Initial Kill” then you already know where it belongs. If you haven’t read it, well I certainly hope you will grab a copy and find out the mystery of the cabin and its importance to the plot of the story.


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Jake North & Dean Colter

JakeandDean-02 1006359_430120327103559_1773720853_n

Jake North & Dean Colter

It seems that these two have quite the fans, so I thought I would write some more about them. Those that have read all three books, I think, know them pretty well, but for those that haven’t gotten to know them, I’d like to share a bit more of their creation.

Jake was developed from the idea of what most women would want in a good man. Handsome, a steadfast provider, very devoted not only to his work, but to his family, fiercely protective, having a good heart, and true to his words. Jake was level-headed most of the time, unless someone put his family in harm’s way. If that happened, he was a raging bull. He would be married to Lexi, his childhood sweetheart and their relationship was strong and would stand through anything.

Dean on the other hand, was developed from the idea of what most women would want in a bad boy type. Dangerously good-looking, always the flirt and flatterer, forever the risk taker, always the cocky and bold one, but a protector and guardian over those he cared about. He would be single and a ladies man to many. That is until he met Allie…

When I put Jake & Dean together as partners, I didn’t know right off that they would remain that way through all three books, or that they would become steadfast friends, but it is funny how things work themselves out isn’t it? I had at first thought of killing Dean off in the first book (Yes I said that and please don’t kill the messenger) but I could not bring myself to end him. I liked him too much and just couldn’t see getting rid of him. I’m glad I didn’t.

With each book, Jake & Dean worked together to make things happen. They made sure the bad guys were taken care of, they made sure their town was safe, they made sure their loved ones were protected, and their friendship became solid to the point of being brothers. Theirs was a friendship that stayed strong, and it showed both professionally and personally.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these two and writing about them. Developing them the way I wanted to, and the way I thought was best for the storylines. I think their fans would agree.

Then in the third book, a new detective came into the picture, moved into Larsen, and became a new presence in the detective division. Memphis Kane was his name. But he’s a new story for another day now isn’t he? I wonder what will happen? I bet you do too…

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