Second Novel Is Now Available

Jana J.J. McGraw’s second novel Pieces of You is now available at Amazon:

In Pieces of You, the adventures continue as the detective team of Jake North and Dean Colter have more murders to solve, at least one of which hits close to home. Introduced in McGraw’s first novel Initial Kill, detectives Jake and Dean again attempt to keep their mountain town of Larsen a safe haven. As they try to solve a series of gruesome murders, Jake and Dean discover that innocence does not always matter. Security isn’t what it appears to be. Safety can turn into something deadly. So-called love may not be love at all.

This novel explores what can happen if justice is denied and then avenged. The ending is a surprise, but one that will stick with the reader who will wonder whether these murders were motivated by the failed judicial system or if the killer is just a cold-blooded savage.

Some special thanks…

Getting ready to roll out “Pieces of You” in November. Last minute things to be done, and then we are on our way. I wanted to thank Mary Ellen O’Shields for her tireless work that she has done for me, and continues to do! I also want to thank Teresa & Chuck Edwards for what they have done for me! You have helped make it happen! Everybody get ready for book 2!!!